1. 发现某物或某事物的存在: I discovered a hidden path in the woods.(我在树林中发现了一条隐藏的小径。)

2. 发现某些信息或真相: The investigation discovered that the crime was committed by the victim’s friend.(调查发现罪行是由被害人的朋友所犯。)

3. 认识到某个事实或观念: I discovered that I had been wrong all along.(我认识到一直以来我都错了。)

4. 强调某人第一次做某事: He discovered the joy of travel when he went on his first solo trip.(他第一次独自旅行时发现了旅行的乐趣。)


1. We discovered a new species of bird in the Amazon rainforest.

2. After years of research, scientists finally discovered a cure for the disease.

3. It was only after his death that we discovered the extent of his philanthropic efforts.

4. I never knew how much I loved hiking until I discovered this beautiful trail.

5. The students were excited to discover that they had won first place in the science fair.

6. We were amazed to discover how much the city had changed since our last visit.

7. The archaeologists discovered ancient ruins that gave insight into the civilization of that time.

8. They discovered that the missing painting had been stolen and was now in the hands of a private collector.

9. It wasn’t until she moved to a new city that she discovered her love for live music.

10. The team of researchers discovered a correlation between diet and longevity.




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